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A well-known romanticist, the distinguished writer Robert Louis Stevenson, while writing this action-packed novel, clearly did not want to repeat what he had gone through.

In occasion of the writer there was a stereotype: pirates, treasures, sea voyages … And, of course, this was expected here. But, here is a good psychological novel, you can even say detective. Unexpectedly, the reader discovers that, along with Lunden worn around the world, seeking himself and adventure. Very successfully, the author submits descriptions of participants in this novel.

Robert Louis Stevenson combines a new genre of “police novel” (or detective) with the already well-known “novel of morals”, elaborated by the great Dickens. As a result, a funny social-every day and adventure cocktail turned out, causing some puzzlement to the reader.

Those who know Stevenson as a serious psychologist “digging in a person” will obviously enjoy, for there are ambiguous psychological portraits of heroes here, even biographies of some, for example, Lauden, Carthew or Bellers, are detailed. Those who like traveling on stormy seas, islands, treasures, pirates can be somewhat disappointed, for all this is shown briefly in the book, ascetic and does not take much space. In the end, we have a bold attempt to create something new, but the excessive detailing of the activities of the characters in the business sphere, the desire to earn money at any cost (the pursuit of money) – all this reduces the degree of romance and slows down the action.

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