The Moon and Sixpence by William Somerset MaughamThe Moon and Sixpence by William Somerset Maugha – free eBook download

Maugham’s book about the artist Charles Strickland causes ambiguous emotions. On the one hand, as a man, he did, in principle, strange things: abandoned his wife, children, abandoned his usual life; having very little money left for another country where he lives in absolute poverty.

And on the other, for what he did for – a worthwhile goal, a cry of his soul. He wanted to be an artist, to write pictures. And in comparison with his desire, everything else was for him nothing. Love, comfort, good food, the opinion of all the people around him – he does not care. He gave himself completely to his goal. And let in the beginning everyone said that his pictures are disgusting and did not want to buy them even for 5 francs. But the main thing is that he achieved what he wanted. He lived his life, because he wanted to. And in the end his pictures were recognized as genius, even after his death.

The attitude of the writer, from whom the story is conducted, to the artist is close to all readers. And not only a writer. All in the novel in one voice say that this is an egoist, a boor, an unprincipled man. Maugham wrote this so that when reading, disgust is created from the main character and there is no desire to read about such a person whom he was later thought of as a genius.

The author puts the reader in an awkward position, because it does not really explain how such an unfortunate artist becomes a genius. After all, all the pictures caused you can say nausea, according to the heroes of the artist, there were many paintings that are embarrassing to hang or show. And the genius, which he then suddenly attributed to him, does not justify it.

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