Norwegian Wood by Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami – free eBook download

The novel is set in the late 60th. The main character – a student of Watanabe received in one of the colleges of Tokyo and studying the drama of not having an accurate representation of why.

His everyday life consists of reading, alcohol, silent lunch in the student cafeteria, working in the record store and watching people who become an integral part of his life. The right was laughably roommate in the Dorm Attack. Enjoys sex without commitment to undergraduate Nagasawa. The best friend of Kizuki, committed suicide in your seventeenth birthday and left Watanabe torn heart pain and her friend Naoko – a strange, silent, but suddenly became so dear. And giggly, lively Midori, the mysterious Author with a load of personal drama behind and dozens of casual acquaintances, who gave Watanabe the grain itself, and helped him to collect the puzzle of his own life.

“Norwegian wood” is the story of Watanabe and his women, the history of life and death, love and longing. But first and foremost is the atmosphere, not all understand, different from the European, but flowing with a song in my head. A definite song – The Beatles Norwegian Wood.

“Sometimes I listen and it makes me unbearably sad. I don’t know why, but I think I got lost in a dense forest. I’m alone, dark and cold, no one will come and will not save”.

The main quote of the novel the selected phrase “death is not the opposite but invisible part of life.” This is a significant, almost fundamental part of Japanese culture that Murakami generously allows us to look.

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