Cabbages and Kings by O.HenryCabbages and Kings by O. Henry – free eBook download

The book “Cabbages and kings” although considered a novel, but by and large this collection of novellas and stories from one location – the fictional country of Anchuria.

This country is somewhere on the coast of South (or maybe North) America. She is not rich nor the resources, there is no industry, so judging by this novel, it is a country that is more like a provincial town. But the people of this country do not lose heart – live a happy life, have fun as they can, and to make it all about how people make something similar to elections, revolution and civil war. Indigenous people there is not so much, and the foreigners that live there, get there two ways – the stupidity, or by a series of bizarre circumstances. And this novel was one of the first works of O. Henry gives us a glimpse of how people live in this godforsaken place…

The characters was very vivid and memorable. Phrase from the book is admirable and citation. Rarely, but neatly, O. Henry gets straight to the purpose! A lot of all kinds of humour – from the harmless observations of human flaws, to a ruthless satire on revolutionary figures. And this book is good because the end of some chapters of the book nearly impossible to predict, but when it comes to the plot everything is flipped upside the head.

The book is just perfect for an autumn read, when you want to go to warmer climes. Outside the window the rain drips, and you sit and you read about Sunny beach, palm trees, blue sea waves, Golden sand… It’s just pure pleasure and a positive charge.

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