I-Shall-Wear-Midnight-Terry-PratchettI Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld Novel 38) by Terry Pratchett – free eBook download

After reading the last series of books of the great storyteller and narrator Terry Pratchett. The reader becomes warmly at heart, and very sad.

Sadly, because this great visionary, whose history is absorbed without a trace, left us. Perhaps he, like the dummy, just returned and reborn in another world. But more we will not have his stories about amazing people, places and events. It’s warm from the fact that the series about the witch Tiffany Bohlen, the first series of Pratchett’s books, which many read.

You can not judge the quality of this series with respect to others. But you can definitely say that, having started reading the cycle “Flat World” with stories about the Witch and small figs, the reader does not feel not comfortable or bewildered. All that is required to know, the author retells, what readers could forget – reminds. History develops separately, far from the mountains and noisy cities, on the green Cretaceous hills. Here, all live their small but important lives, and what happens somewhere in the world, they are little concerned. Only the sheep that they graze, the house they live in, and the family they love are important.

In these stories, the reader will like everything. And the characters, and humor, and syllable. Most of all like that there is a “double bottom”. With humor and a rather easy syllable, very mature and serious arguments are hiding about life, about calling, about the place that you occupy. About that you need to hold on to the roots, and do not forget where you are from. Believe in yourself and be proud of yourself. After all, not knowing what you are standing on, you will not understand what you are standing for.

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