North and South by Elizabeth GaskellEach page, each phrase is a pleasure, a breath of fresh air in a world where firmly established the depravity and vulgarity. Margaret, What A Fantastic Margaret. Strong, brave, proud, dignified and willful girl. And smart that even at the time for girls was so rare. There are now girls every year becoming easier and easier. They had almost forgotten what pride and honor. The only question is whether it is good. Previously, they would know what not to waste your time and take care of yourself, who is really worthy.


And now…Ha! Sometimes it seems that only it was with someone. And this simplicity is good in your opinion? John Thornton. A real man, whom I now consider to be an absolute ideal. Smart, strong, discreet and purposeful. With it, any woman will feel like a stone wall. But he doesn’t need any. He needed it is she who will be his equal. And here they met. So different. The embodiment of a happy, carefree of the South and the cold, forbidding North. Nevertheless, they are certainly made for each other. Though understand this is not right.

The novel is pitch-perfect. He and Margaret are fated for each other – the representatives of different social classes, two extremes and two halves of a whole… It’s real life that proves the rule: the darkest night is before dawn. Read the book, despite the large amount very easily, on one breath. The language of the author’s easy, simple, says Gaskell is interesting, I’m not retarded, I never had overextended moments, all very simply and beautifully written.

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