The-Thing-on-the-Doorstep-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftIn the world so many unexplored places are both rainforests, and the taiga woods, and depth of oceans, and the mountain, and the desert, and the territories covered with ice. It is difficult to study some corners of our planet because of bad conditions, some because of the dangerous animals and plants living there, and some because of the people living there, not persons interested to let strangers to the territory.

And what if in some of these novel places beings who are even difficult for imagining that if they are more dangerous to us, than the most terrible predators live? Heroes of this novel go to a research expedition to Antarctica where find the fossilated remains of living beings and meet unusual creations, strange and frightening, capable of murder. Find the whole city on which walls it is possible to read history of its inhabitants.

It is difficult to call the novel really terrible, something like that that can really frighten isn’t in it, Can be because action was described from the first person and it seemed as if the person who has visited Antarctic describes the real story which has happened to him, and the author can I have managed to give yes sir his feelings or the reader can be the voice I have managed to give that atmosphere. And can for what other reason. In this book they look quite organically and were for not so repellent, as in other works. The book is small, it is read easily and quickly, here only descriptions look too tightened. The beginning and the end of the book very much tighten, and there are a wish to learn somewhat quicker that there will be farther, but here in the middle when were described

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