Franz-Kafka-The-TrialOne day someone wakes Josef K. and his forehead gets the message – you’re under arrest. For what, how, why – explain that no one is going. But no need to panic, just know that the process is carried out, we’ll call you, and is going to work … Well, you’re under arrest. So what? And why, actually, it should not prevent you from living? Live yourself, just know this: the process for your business is, and this is a very serious process.

Any person who has got in such a situation, just right to get mad, to appeal to their lawyers, etc., etc. That’s what Joseph K. at first, and do, but the more in his life comes to new meetings, the cause of which somehow became a routine process, the more he learns about the legal proceedings, which essentially sets out each in their own way, and the more he lost, and – calms down. Some process goes on for several years, and the end was not in sight. He – not the only one. Let the process itself goes, anyway this is hardly possible to do something about.

Behind Joseph K. reader travels on institutions and personalities rather strange, at first seeming half-mad, and then, as it turns out, have a direct bearing on the court. Actually, Joseph K. (and, of course, the reader) accounts for only marveled how many people intentionally or unintentionally involved in all sorts of processes, the causes of which are covered with darkness, and, it seems, are not known even to those who picks these same processes. Just judicial and bureaucratic machine must not stand still.

The novel is notable for the fact that from the very beginning has brains unusual situation, and then rolled into the most that neither is a vital red tape, from which rises to the throat and nausea. No, it’s not in the book, the case in life, the prospect of such trips the chain of command, which, alas, can avoid a little, cause terrible feelings. And in our country, this is especially true.

And then, when immersed in bureaucratic red tape, and the brain falls into a drowsiness from all this (in particular, due to the hero of Joseph, whose fortune is quickly approaching apathy), it hit again, this time to an unexpected ending.

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