Charles-Dickens-Oliver-TwistBoy Oliver Twist – only a slender 12-year-old orphan from the province without a home, and at least some hope even in the dining hearty stew. Assistance for a better life nowhere to wait, the boy surroundings match for his unenviable fate: low, deceitful, cruel.

One day Oliver pressure another injustice decides to leave his village straight to London, where, as it seems, he can find compassion, kindness, humanity. But it’s not that simple … The English capital is proving to be a bleak, dirty and no less brutal. London, or rather its lower classes, basements, picks up Oliver and gradually absorbs, making her a prisoner. However, the world is not without good people, what’s the boy with the times and to be seen.

Of course, a children’s book; like the plot, and in the composition it is designed for adolescent children. Does it mean that the more adult “Oliver Twist” is not interested? Not at all. But here in the foreground projected expectations and the overall sophistication of the reader. The proposed Dickens story, though predictable, is not without some quite pleasant surprises, action-turns, and even the atmosphere of the early 19th century London, raw, dark, dirty, and not less than picturesque municipality inhabitants, is able to captivate and focus all attention on himself alone. Although, what could be hiding, young readers will get the novel by Charles Dickens is incomparably more fun, since “Oliver Twist” – is a complete exciting literary adventure with colorful and memorable characters. What more could you want in your childhood? Is that beautiful illustrations … In this respect, the edition is definitely able to please, because there contains figures of George Cruikshank decorating novel already since 1837.

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