Black-Mass-Whitey-Bulger-the-FBI-and-a-Devils-DealThe book is based on journalistic investigation Dick Lera and Gerard O’Neill. Two Boston reporter followed Bulger’s career for a long time, and in 2002 published a book “Black Mass”.

In 1975, FBI agent John Connolly offers mediocre gangster James “Whitey” Bulger a win-win deal. Bulger provides information about the Italian Mafia, which cover – old dream of the local branch of the FBI – for that FBI closes his eyes to his actions, yet he is not particularly violate the law. For Bulger is advantageous because the mafia – its direct competitors; and he, after hesitating a bit, agrees. And then it starts to use the partnership so that for some ten-odd years is practically the owner of Boston.

James earned the nickname “Whitey” for the blonde hair and the nickname he did not like it so much that in his presence Bulger so of course did not call.

Prior to the described Bulger event managed to get a few drives in adolescence (including – for rape), serve four years as a mechanic in the Air Force, to serve nine years in prison (including – in Alcatraz), glorified violent temper, and quite suddenly calm. Calm, of course, was feigned: it is true, five years after his release from prison held quieter water below the grass, he worked as a janitor in the Municipal Court, and all reported that never in jail did not please him, no way. Not because he decided over life thieves not drive – just decided not to get caught.

In this respect, the deal with Connolly was a gift from heaven for him. With Connolly, he could remove the competition by proxy, what he was engaged.
“They’re playing checkers, so we’ll play chess. Fuck all of them “- that’s what words was accompanied by a historical agreement with Connolly.

Of course, no one would have in life could not think personally Whitey Bulger FBI knocks; Moreover, when journalists first heard about it in the late ’80s, they took it as a joke, as it was contrary to the image of the Irishman.

The reports Bulger and Flemmi those years, it is clear that they are very targeted information were given: exactly how he wanted to know Connolly, that is about the Italian Mafia, and that could hurt them personally. However, Connolly himself was not configured to expose “their” – that is spying for Bulger city police, he found it possible to prevent an old friend, as an attempt to put a bug in the car.

After defeating the Mafia (and namely – the arrest of five brothers Angilo important representatives of the Patriarca family) in the Boston underworld formed vacant seat, which did not fail to take Bulger. But he did it so quietly that only in the nineties to the FBI realized what a monster they created virtually by hand.

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