Charles-Dickens-A-Christmas-Carol-in-Prose-Being-a-Ghost-Story-of-ChristmasScrooge – the main character – not particularly revered Christmas. And why is it necessary? What are all so much fun? Scrooge was the more miser. He has worked for many years in his desk, the clerk was paying a penny, I never took into account the invitation to dinner from his nephew and in no way did not approve of any kind of charity. In general, no heart, no soul in Scrooge was not, and the purpose of his monotonous life was dry and the accumulation of a decent capital. And all of this.

But in this Christmas Scrooge it was given the opportunity to change their present and future. Three Christmas Spirit old man opened his eyes, heart and soul. They teach him a lesson, scary and terrifying, kind and brings tears of joy, but such that they have changed not only the attitude of the holy feast of Scrooge, but also the most Scrooge.

It must be noted that the reading of this work urgently calls “the effect of the new Scrooge”: I want to give a good whirl in the dance and smile every passerby! This effect is particularly felt during the Christmas holidays.

This work – in itself a wonderful thing. It deeply touches and makes us think about the importance of Christmas, our respect to the people and about life in general. It is highly recommended reading for the winter holiday season, especially if there is no sad and New Year’s mood to the soul. It is also very pleasing to the author himself, as he tells the story to the reader as if talking to an old friend. Charles Dickens was able to create a cozy atmosphere!

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