The-Sketch-Book-of-Geoffrey-Crayon-Gent-by-Washington-IrvingThe first issue of Jeffrey Crayon’s sketch book, the gentleman, appeared in may 1819. On the title page was “C. S. van Winkle, printer”. The circulation was two thousand copies at seventy-five cents.

The book was greeted with a noisy approval, but even those who most lavished her praise could not come to mind that this is the first American book that will become a world classic. This time the author has not tried to hide behind pseudonyms, like mischievous of Diedrich Knickerbocker, and criticism knew whom to contact for praise:

“The finesse of style, the warm benevolent tone, the ease and cordiality of humor, the keen observation combined with the wise understanding and the driven sense of proportion — qualities that had previously distinguished Mr. Irving — are once again demonstrated in the “sketch Book” with an even greater charm and charm of TEW… a Masterpiece, of course, the story “Rip van Winkle”. Thanks to its comic spirit without any admixture of bitterness, because of the ridiculous is here filed with a laugh, in which, however, there is nothing contemptuous, because the author prefers the eccentricities simple and unassuming life before modern extravagance and falsehood, due to brightness and truthfulness, with which he has drawn the character of Rip and his native village, due to the delicate lightness of the narrative this story has few rivals”.

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