A-Ruler-of-Men-by-O.-HenryThis tiny representative of the classical literature had somehow eluded me, even though I saw it in the school curriculum in literature from the younger sister. And then, finally, met.

“One prisoner.”

In fact, the progenitor of all “home Alone” and other-other representatives of the genre in which the restless, unruly child brings to handle villains-adults. Although the story and humorous, I laughed like a horse, not lying under the table, I was amused only mainly written response to the boy’s father. I like the story with the important subtext about children.

First, as already mentioned, they do not care who provides them, they are always more interesting, those with whom fun to play. And what looks neputeviy sufferer from the antics of a child, the latter is more like it.

Secondly, the upbringing of children, let’s be honest, is not much of a gift for the parents. It only seems that caring for children is a pleasure. They are obnoxious, capricious, harmful, even when the correct required behavior is obvious. Therefore, this reaction of his father. Although, on the other hand, it becomes clear why the boy didn’t want to go home where he was needed by someone (the thieves, for obvious reasons), but at home he will do nothing, it’s boring.

The story of a naive with the position of the building plot as much as it is serious from the point of view of ideas. Is a hymn to the children’s simplicity and dobrodosli! And the next call children and parents to be closer to each other! Sparkling humor in every line. The story will appeal to children and adults.

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