the-history-of-pendennis-by-william-thackerayAn excellent example of English classical literature. In his characteristic manner, the author reveals to the reader a large-scale panorama of the English society in the middle of the XIX century. Edifying, but without excessive moralizing Roman describes the life path of a typical representative of the middle class of the time: from the enthusiastic, naive young man to the cynical, tired of the life of a secular lion.


Page by page the reader watches as the positive aspects of the main character’s nature gradually recede before his weaknesses, which is greatly facilitated by the conventions and false values of the time and the society in which the characters of the novel rotate. Arthur Pendennis does not become a bad person. But it is transformed, changing under the influence of its environment. And how much will, how much intelligence it takes not to lose the best that is in you, and not to merge with the General mass, not to accept and not to accept the primitive values of public opinion vulgar reality, even if it is the path to success.

The work is filled with deep meaning. Here, many vices of various segments of English society are traditionally condemned and ridiculed. Satirical subtext in this novel is much more than the main masterpiece of the author of the “vanity Fair”. The more serious, the more dramatic, here same more irony and even grotesque. Of course, this is not a Comedy, but in many phrases of the novel is hiding a hidden smile of the author, even bitter. And if it is possible to consider “Pendennis “a slightly weaker product, only because the” vanity Fair ” is generally out of competition.

It is very difficult to convey the charm of the author’s syllable: professionally, vividly, ironically. A phrase wants to savor and think about. An additional highlight of the novel give occurring here and there “speaking” the names of secondary characters and places of action: Dr. Balsam, Bob Sucker, Lord Crocus, Mademoiselle, allure, better than any words tell about the character of the people wearing them. A fun symbiosis of the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK Oxbridge and Camford raises a smile.

In General, the advantages of the novel are many: here and emotionally rich lyrical lines, and entertaining description of life, and apt metaphors and comparisons. Not to mention a lot of interesting characters which the author draws. Very revealing and vivid. Their thoughts, feelings, words and actions are described brilliantly. Tekkerey do not tend to idealize their heroes. The characters of his works are alive, real, and even the best of them have their drawbacks. Meet in the novel and familiar to the educated reader the names of “vanity Fair”: he remember the sad fate of Rawdon Crawley. A glimpse of his brother is mentioned, and the aged Lord Stein is still one of the chief luminaries of the upper world.

Of course, this book is not read in the same breath, there is little dynamics and lack of verbal reasoning. But that doesn’t make the novel boring or uninteresting. And for those who love and appreciate the classics, Pendennis is another treasure in the home library.

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