The-House-of-the-Seven-Gables-by-Nathaniel-HawthorneThis novel is full of numerous symbols and gravitates to the Gothic! Despite the intriguing plot that tells the story of the rise and fall of one family, the product seems heavy and protracted. But it’s not, just the General atmosphere of oppression, darkness, moss has infiltrated not only the ancestral house of heroes, but also their own, despite the fact that they are desperately trying to maintain the appearance of prosperity. It is this eerie atmosphere and provides a complete immersion in the gloomy world of “Home…”.

After all, some of the characters of the novel, like Koshcheev over gold, who wither over wealth, and who over the past of his family, forgetting about everything and neglecting their own lives for the sake of vanity and passions. And therefore, even young, falling into the “cursed house” covered with a patina of dullness and feel like begin to deteriorate.

A century of contention, the family curse, carefully guarded secrets and their effect on the characters, and erase it almost impossible. The old meaningless hatred and the unsettled ghosts of the past give rise to diseases and decay of the souls of the living. Only a rare sanity and sincere love is able to overcome long-term enmity. Is the land plot worth the broken lives of several generations? Equivalent whether the quenching of greed newfound pain and suffering?

Should the descendants be responsible for the sins of their ancestors and to what extent will they inherit the fate of their great-grandfathers? Will the wealth of its possessor, obtained by dishonest means, make him happy? Is there no redemption possible through suffering? Such questions concern the author of the novel. Perhaps if “House of the seven Gables” were not written 165 years ago, and in the 21st century, the media would write that the novel talks about the karmic predestination of being. But then it was a book about the fundamental principles of morality and human values.

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