The-Flesh-in-the-Furnace-by-Dean-KoontzThe book, frankly, interesting. The beginning idea to the end of the book is dumped into a dirty apt. To get rid of him was the main goal until the last page. Forsaken land, the living doll, the mad murderer – not the best scenario initially.


But Koonz, apparently, wanting somehow to separate his creation from the ordinary trash, and adds a pinch of religious subjects. And seriously, the book becomes quite impossible. But as “ordinary trash”, the book looks very good! Yes, all the horror is based on the principle of “shove somniphobia of claustrophobia suffering from arachnophobia in a well full of spiders and the kids”; this is monstrous like king of the second grade – but if the reader 15 years, and he needs to keep busy in a compartment of the train “Baltic-Anadyr”, it is quite a good book. The result: second-rate horror film with pretensions to high flying. Solid double!)

Koonz immediately, the plot, laid a major mistake, which eventually made a second-rate and without very ingenious product.

What scares a man? What next. What can happen to by the reader. But Koontz moved the action into the future, in a world quite similar to our reality. And because the work has already been detached to read, even as a horror movie, but as pure fiction. Moreover, the idea with the dolls is good. But the author used it to build a shocking horror film. Although, note that between the trash skips are interesting, good moments. Koonz showed very well “thinking”, the experience of a mentally ill person.

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