The-History-of-King-Richard-III-by-Thomas-MooreThe unfinished work of Thomas Moore, assistant to the London Sheriff, written around 1513. The story of the life and reign of one of the kings of England, son of Edward the fourth: “Richard, which we shall now speak, was mind and spirit equal to each of them, but bodily power and prowess is far inferior to both of them:small in stature, ill-built, with a hump on his back, his left shoulder much higher than the right, unpleasant face, and all that other nobles called him a predator and the other worse.

He was angry, angry, jealous from the very birth and even earlier. Reported as a known truth that the Duchess, his mother was so lonely for them in childbirth that could not be resolved without the help of knife, and he went out into the world with the feet forward and even though from the teeth in the mouth. So goes the rumor; whether it’s the people in his anger say

moreover, whether the very nature has changed its course at birth of the one who has committed so much against the nature. “The history of Richard III” was written in 1513. Historians argue, was whether author Thomas more, but, because conjures not proven, let us to think, that this is so. When Richard was executed, Thomas more, an honest man, was a child. That is, his book can not be studied as an eyewitness.

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