Berenice-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeAccidentally wanted to get acquainted with the works of Edgar Allan PoE and the summary is so exciting, after which the long wait for the continuation when it will be creepy , scary or interesting. Expectations are not deceived at all.

The story is very interesting, it began sharply and ended mysteriously. It should be chosen to meet the author. It impresses with its inner content. A special intrigue is visible everywhere, due to the atmosphere feeling adds charm, and the language is striking in its elegance and beauty. The language is chosen such that the rush to continue the acquaintance, no matter what. All well. The ideas are very interesting, as philosophical treatises sound in the story.

The story of how one aristocrat in love with his cousin, but she’s sick, and deadly. After the funeral of this aristocrat, it seems that someone’s teeth appear in the chest. Nothing else is remembered. Fantasy and obsession with this aristocrat alarm. Although, he just felt such sorrow over the death of his beloved that he began to haunt the nightmares? Say, in the form of teeth. In any case, this story does not cause fear, although it is fear that you expect from this story. Bewilderment-Yes, fear of the dentist-is, but there is no fear.

A little story full of madness. Edgar Allan PoE very cleverly shows the internal state of a madman, so skillfully that it becomes believable. And the ending is simply fascinating.

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