Mystification-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeThe winner of the “confusion of the year”. When a child reads several short stories by Edgar Allan PoE, then, in principle, they all do. At the age of decides to fill the gap and more thoroughly acquainted with the work of this controversial writer. Novels On impossible to read. They are all built according to the following pattern: first comes a detailed description of the characters (very interesting, by the way), page 10.

Then for one page is something mystical or malignant, and the novel ends. But bewilderment do not feel nothing. The highlight, considered ominous-a dark mystical atmosphere of his stories, lunatic heroes. The horror of living with a predefined end. But let’s be honest: the theme of mystery and horror originates from the 21st century far and wide, so that surprise or tell you something new those stories can do that to a child. And to get the pleasure of wading through the difficult language and complex metaphors descriptions (dialogues in the book are missing almost completely) that every 10 pages spend without sense. Break, you need to be a masochist or a fan of the underworld to understand them

The “Mystification” is strange. You can recommend the book to those who love fantasy, fans of the works of Edgar Allan PoE. Also for those who want to get acquainted with his work. To assemble quite a lot of interesting works.

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