A-Darkness-in-My-Soul-by-Dean-KoontzRather interesting book, a little volume. Of course, it is worth noting that there are things… which simply scroll through. But they are relatively not much and everyone knows that is worth to read? The ending is amazing.


In the novel “A Darkness in My Soul” macabre product of a half-mad scientists – strange creature by the code name “the Child” had nothing to do with the usual baby. This genetic freak was part of secret experiments to create artificial intelligence.

Before reading this novel, the reader knew such Koonz: lots of text even where it in principle is not required; rather dry dialogue. The emphasis on human dostijeniya in one area or another, sometimes quite incredible. The standard development of the plot with transitions from one line to another. Predominantly the two main characters, etc. – fans of koontz will understand what it says. but this novel – albeit the first, and may, at first glance, damp – the best of the late works of koontz, because most azikwe syllable of the book one feels the author’s passion for what he writes. His interest, while many subsequent books can go in the category of ready-made scripts for films. A similar style of writing interesting and believable.

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