frances-hodgson-burnett-secret-gardenThe story of the famous Anglo-American writer F. Burnett “The Secret Garden” is one of the most beloved children all over the world. It tells about the fate of the orphaned girl Mary Lennox who lives in her uncle’s house and feels very lonely. Trying to get used to new surroundings, sickly, weak girl often goes for walks near the house.

One day she finds a key to the secret garden which has lain in the earth for ten years, and before her opens the whole world. Mary finds friends that are with her are transformed as the garden gives them their secrets.

The book is issued to commemorate the centenary of the first publication and has all the advantages of the jubilee edition, the most important of them – a wonderful illustration of world famous artist.
The famous story of the Anglo-American writer F. H. Burnett about a girl-the orphan Mary Lennox has found in this edition new life thanks to the gorgeous illustrations by Australian artist Robert Ingpen. He gained worldwide fame as the author and Illustrator of more than a hundred different books.

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