stealing-snow-by-danielle-paigeSeventeen-year-old Snow spent most of his life walls Wittekerke Institute, the secret of the new York hospital for the mentally ill. Deep down she knew that is not crazy and the psychiatric hospital she is not exactly a place. And when Snow meets a mysterious and an attractive new nurse, she’s dreaming of a whimsical bent the tree, and then she remembers who she is, and realizes that she needs run.

With each bale, which helped to focus, Snow escaped into the woods. Suddenly the line between fantasy and reality has become to fade, and she realized that he was in the ice Eldridge — your a real house, inhabited by witches and thieves, here it is get acquainted with the mysteriously attractive young men of Kai. But no one in this country it cannot trust.

Revealing the secret behind the secret, Snow remembers that running away from home, herself, and her father — a powerful and a cruel king whose throne she will inherit. And every step Snowballs, including the return to the world she once knew long ago, can change everything.

This old tale in a new way will talk about how Snow has become a villain, and the Queen of this character.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder