fyodor-dostoyevsky-the-brothers-karamazovDeep, ambiguous, complex, and spiritually strong novel about God, freedom, and morality, the universal encyclopedia of the human soul.

Three brothers – Ivan, Alyosha, and Mitya, the busy resolving questions about the root causes and ultimate goals of existence. Their father is Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov. Mitya – child from his first marriage with a rich woman, Adelaida Ivanovna Miusova, Fedor has left after the death of the state and the infant son, which father, indulging in orgies and speculation, forgotten. Married a second time on a beautiful orphan Sophia Ivanovna, Fedor is not corrected and, continued a dissolute life. In the end, a wife which bore him two sons, died. And sons were taken by guardians.

The story of one family – the prism through which is refracted the socio-philosophical epic about the past, present and future of Russia.

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