imgonline-com-ua-resize-7gvuixe0tjd-min«The art of war» – the old Chinese and, quite possibly, the world a treatise on tactics, strategy and policy, incorporating all the basics of warfare. The date of compilation of the book varies the VI – IV centuries BC You just imagine this treatise, written before our era, shows perfectly the modern approach to the conduct of the war. One little book could change the course of history and conflict!

The author concisely and accurately explains to the Governor and generals of the basic principles of war, conducting foreign and domestic policy on the eve of the conflict, assessment of their forces and rival forces, use spies, identifying the best position and situation in which can get the commander.

Sun Tzu presents war as an extreme action, a necessary evil that can and should be postponed. If the conflict cannot be avoided, must win quickly for smaller economic loss and without unnecessary bloodshed, to avoid the fierce resistance of the opposing side.

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