imgonline-com-ua-resize-1hkwhmuyyckns3lBefore the reader the most famous monument of medieval Arabic and Persian literature. This collection of stories obramlenie the story of king Shahryar and his wife Scheherazade.


The Persian king Shahriyar executed his first wife for infidelity. Since being in excess of all the women he sleeps with an innocent girl one night and dawn tells it to execute. But one day the king spent the night with the clever and beautiful Scheherazade. That night she told him a fascinating story, but a thrilling place come morning.

Postponing the penalty until the next morning Shahriar spent with Scheherazade one more night, and try a thousand such nights, each of which girl was telling the story. Thus was born this book, and with it the three sons of Shahryar and Scheherazade. The king has not executed the girl, because even since their meeting, he was assured of her purity and chastity.

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