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I’m getting the same stage when one becomes aware that new books and new people is good, but it is necessary to go back to the past/read. Demons the first time I read about five years ago. And in revisiting the novel, I pushed the theatrical interpretation of the novel in our Small art theater of Europe. See other works by Dostoyevsky.

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Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I have been trying to get out to this event, but somehow it broke on different occasions. And finally, Sunday 27 September this year I spent watching Demons. The statement did not delighted, or rather not even quite liked only the third part has aroused keen interest. But most importantly for me, I realized that the novel I remember largely dotted, sometimes very vague. Had a strong desire to read, which I successfully implemented. And reading, partially changed their attitude and performance.

Acting on Kirillov, Peter Verkhovensky, Lebedkina recognized me very successful. Now finish the introductory part and the actual experiences/emotions from a – Devils. I confess I was literally amazed and in the reading process and upon completion. The devils undoubtedly unshakable included in the Golden Fund of literary classics and probably one of the 20 best novels of the 19th century.

This is in General a common interpretation of the novel. But I got maximum pleasure from the text, thanks to re-reading. And a good novel is worth reading again every five years. Changing age, the worldview of the reader and the text reveals to him his new, unknown faces. The devils is fundamental to the analysis of psychological portraits of living characters in it. Demons is a text about a lost person who cannot find their place in the world(Stavrogin); and about the previous soon changes the state of the devices/systems and in some cases the type of a revolutionary these changes with a bearing( Peter Verkhovensky).

Demons is a Thriller of the highest level, with an exemplary rate of development of the action and the ending is filled with many tragic outcomes. Demons is the way the amazing Kirillova, the hero which takes place in the memory forever. Can’t protezirovanie direct speech Kirillova – “There are seconds, they come all at once five or six and you suddenly feel the presence of the eternal harmony perfectly attained. It is not earthly; I do not mean that it is heavenly, but about the fact that a person in earthly form can not move.We must change physically or die. This feeling is clear and indisputable.

As if suddenly feel the whole of nature and suddenly say: Yes, it’s true. God, when the world was created, at the end of each day of creation said, Yes, it’s true, that’s good. You don’t forgive anything because there is nothing to forgive already. You are what you love, the higher love! Just terrible, so terribly clear and such joy. If more than five seconds – then the soul will not stand and should disappear. In those five seconds I live my life for them, give all my life, because it is. “Demons is a calligraphic demonstration of the life of a provincial town, with all its trends and directions.

The devils is finally a novel of the great Master laid out for the reader, with an almost complete absence of flaws. The novel that I admired all seven hundred pages. Novel reading is difficult, hurriedly not take it and quite prepared the reader, not talking about the reader a rare, infrequently nestles to the books.

The devils should be read slowly, with a deep attention to what is happening in it, to understand the movement of characters, parse them and then get an indescribable aesthetic pleasure, and the awareness of its underlying philosophy. And start to think about the demons and the imps living in himself, and to exorcise them yourself. And that maybe if every person in seizure activity began to cast out and the world would be a cleaner, happier, kinder. But the peculiarity of human nature that it considers sufficient and necessary to cast out demons only from other people, while his own demons eating him from the inside. So we live our lives, doing labor in vain, the world falls apart, and a great novel collecting dust on thousands of shelves.

The devils – this is the text that cannot be read, it need. I have to think about re-reading, another great work of the writer – the Brothers Karamazov.


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