Darkfall-by-Dean-KoontzAlways give the second chance, but never let third – this, apparently, about reader relations with Dean Kuntsem many people. After reading the book there was an impression that if the ladies ‘ novelist undertook to write fiction or horror, her name would be Dean Koontz.


Now you realize that sometimes you don’t have to invent new metaphors, because the old ones Express everything quite well.

So, as familiarity with the work of Koontz, begin to highlight his literary style certain trends. The first is the limit the stereotyped characters. Honest policeman to tears, a friend of his is a selfless woman with a difficult fate. Children are so sweet that you can stick them directly on the Christmas box with Montpellier. Clever little girl ten years old who self-control can give a head start to investigators of KGB – it’s all a fad of the author.

From all this stems the second trend – a wonderful promising story. Koontz everyday banality manages to do is so nasty and dirty its characters that worry about the heroes you stop in the middle of the book, and the end start to crave that one of them is already destroyed.

That’s the beauty of the book.

So, after a fatty food you want hot tea. In this case there is a wish that ate the police officer who instead of going in the evening to take away children from the aunt (and they, by the way, obviously badly recovered after death of mother), went to sort out the relations with the workmate for the purpose of how to interpret their sex happened the day before.

And long conversations about temporal and not less than a long contemplation of the eternal add great detail to the mystical side. More scenes, transitions, plot twists, too, make its deal.

Here, by the way, it is not only in the desires to reflect, but in some ways and in the laws of the genre, which makes the application Koontz. And it used the opportunity – the theme of African sorcerers inexhaustible. Yes, and the place was three hundred pages. But the desire to write the book outweighed standing, and the author happily it stuck.

In General, in the reader’s practice-this is the first time when a well-known author with a worldwide reputation and a large bibliography in fact turns out to be a brilliant writer of rarities. It is unknown who Koontz did the copies and the name, but his books in the genre do not apply to shelves with a powder novels. And on the shelves with mysticism, their quivering covers should always be painted. What is the secret of success? – this is the only intrigue, associated with his books. But to unravel its unlikely, because a third chance will not be. A wonderful book and a brilliant writer Dean Koontz.

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