homer-the-odysseyFrom the poems of Homer, indeed, was born of European literature. From the naive retelling of myths in the medieval tales such remote in time and distance works as a mandatory Irish “Ulysses” or the Swedish “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils with wild geese”. Yes there is, any trip over obstacles called “Odyssey”.

But back to the book itself, which is among the big words and endless literary references somehow forget. All I know from childhood the story, but few people carefully read it in adulthood. And she’s worth the effort! Yes, in the beginning we need to focus on rocking the pace of the epic, with “fabulous” repetitions, with the solemn epithets that are combined with casual details.

It is necessary to read slowly, better in the summer when our little sun somehow resembles the beautiful Helios Homer. Contemplate this world – how he and poetic, and concrete: the darkening evenings, the roads, Golden sand, changeable and alive sea, densely populated by the spirits of the cave, the walls glittering cities. How young the world is and how innocent, how childish, cruel and infinitely far from progressive XX century.

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