arthur-conan-doyle-the-memoirs-of-sherlock-holmesThe return of Sherlock Holmes — a collection of 13 detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, published in 1905 and consisting of stories written in 1903-1904 years (the broad selection).

The first for 12 years, the book about Holmes in 1893, the main character “died” at Reichenbach falls. And again, a fascinating detective story from the great writer Arthur Conan Doyle. As written above, this is a collection of short stories. But what unites them all? That’s right – the subtle mind of Sherlock and the mysterious circumstances that a great detective should be allowed.

The author himself did not plan to write a sequel to the life of Holmes, it can be said, forced. This of course all fans of Sherlock was better. But only the author has changed greatly. Most readers say that this collection of stories Doyle laid out in an unusual fashion. Everything was too dark and not predictable, because of what the latest stories to read is very difficult. In General, everything is fine, but it is clear that the style of Doyle has changed, especially in the end of the book.

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