nathaniel-hawthorne-the-scarlet-letterTo be among the aliens, it is not necessary to fly in space, sometimes it is enough to refer to the events quite earthly history. “The scarlet letter” shows us the American colonies the mid 17th century, inhabited by the campaign the most terrible people could cause culture – puritans. About to what a people can walk in their cruelty, tells us the tragic story of the life of Hester Prin.

The modern reader probably will find it difficult to understand the horror of the situation, in which the heroine of the book. We are too accustomed to humanity, privacy, things like that. And four hundred years ago it was “wrong, my dear, is a matter of public”, all and Sundry, getting into your personal life with dirty hands and, under cover of feigned piety, betrayed thee to the judgment, the shame, the shame of death, underline, to shame, to go on a fire. Great was the crime of Hester? From the point of view of our century, she only wanted love in a strange land. From the point of view of century, it is a terrible adulterer, worthy of hate and scorn forced to wear the stigma for life.

But in General the story is quite tragic. It’s about how under the yoke of public opinion, greedy atrocities and deliberately decorous in fact, crippled the fate of people caught in the millstones of this machine. As people obsessed with religion, with their own hands create devils. How does one become dumb character – and this is worst of all. Needs to be silent and to walk with downcast eyes, those who are born of great passions. Vengeful hounds become intelligent and noble people. The passions in the work that sometimes just rolls over, but to my sorrow, there is virtually absent any action. “Scarlet letter” called one of the founders of mysticism, or even horror, it is difficult to accept.

It is rather a psychological Thriller in which there is absolutely nothing mystical. All the hell here has only symbolic value, but even in this form it has quite a strong impact on the reader.

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