rudyard-kipling-just-so-storiesEveryone remembers this wonderful time kids howcast when parents pursues a thousand questions on all topics, and the parent tries to meet simple but interesting. Kipling generously shares her experience – a tale which he had invented for his daughter EFFIE, who was inspired by a trip to Africa (as well as a regular for ten years wintering there). These tales created to get children excited about nature and animals. Awakening imagination, curiosity and understanding of nature.

It would seem that what modern child to read about some primitive taboo? Yes, if he knows at all what it is – a taboo? Probably not. But he is probably familiar with the many (and often meaningless) restrictions that surround the birth of our children. In the same situation growing and tuffy, the daughter of a primitive hunter. Parental restrictions she constantly violates what the father threatens her terrible punishment: he will cook daughter alive, pull it, skin it, and worst of all – no kiss for the night! “The story of tagumise taboo” tells the story of how tuffy begins to understand the need for bans and the importance of their compliance. And this is the bridge between parents, prohibitions and kid.

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