johann-wolfgang-von-goethe-faustFaust is a mysterious person. His life was interested in the XVI century, and to this day. His biography written many works, where he sells his soul to the devil for the acquisition of great knowledge and power, becomes a magician says he can create all the miracles of Jesus Christ.

The arrogance, impudence and vanity, that’s what Faust was overthrown by God. Some imagined he was a devil, some humanist, someone is a hero or a villain, but his personality has always been a lot of talk, and where truth and lies are very hard to understand.

In the first part of “Faust”, the unclean spirit, and God made a bet on the soul of Faust. Can he save her from hell. Mephistopheles tells Faust vicious thoughts, trying to knock him from the right path. When Faust met Marguerite, Mephistopheles tried to make this girl suffered from the main character and she would beg for death. First round – lost to Faust.

In the second part Goethe takes us to the ancient times. In the days of Helen of Troy and Achilles the immortal. Most readers can’t understand why Goethe chose antique. As we remember, according to legend, Helen was married to Menelaus, but Paris then stole it, why the war started, and that was the creation of the Trojan horse, in consequence of which Troy fell. And suddenly, somewhere between Menelaus and Paris presses Goethe’s Faust. What exactly happened in the second part clear. And that’s why not. And why the author decided to twist the middle Ages with antiquity – many can not understand.

If you compare with the rest of the tragedy of Faust, Goethe’s his character to be more pure. Though he sold his soul to the devil, but still behind him came the angels and carried to heaven. In many works, the body of Faust was torn to pieces, and the soul carried off to hell. And in General much Goethe in Faust not so sad: the soul of Margaret after the fall rescued the soul of Faust, after all, they perfect, not too far from hell. Happy end.

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