The-Nameless-City-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftThe lonely traveler goes on the desert. Around – only the naked silent sandy kingdom and eternally scorching sun that risks to burn any, dared to disturb his eternal rest. About this place the ill fame goes. Any bedouin doesn’t risk to appear in local places, it is no wonder that all of them try to dissuade the proud European that tries to solve the mysteries of the wild desert. The camel and that gives in before novel, what in general can be compared to Death? When she knocks at the door – there is no way back any more! A subject of adventures and fight against a secret Novel – one of central in all creativity of Howard Lovecraft.

Of course, the small story “The Nameless City” – not the best in creativity of this the writer unvalued in due time, however he as well as possible expresses all essence of his creative credo.

This work, as well as most of others, is deprived of any literary value, however well allows to tickle nerves as if the terrifying story read for the night in the childhood. Many claim that the story isn’t complete though his ending is quite clear. The story breaks suddenly, terribly, and the mind doesn’t want to trust that at all, what happened, however, it G. Lovecraft also creates before us the real Horror – sudden, mystical and inexplicable.

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