Phantoms-by-Dean-KoontzCoolest book! Brilliant idea ‐ perfect large-scale evil, perfect execution, read without stopping. And I want to continue the acquaintance with the author. On the transition early in the book, from the everyday to something inexplicably terrible when two sisters with drama and thoughts go to the meeting so that all their past life is forgotten before the main mission is to survive.


Imagine that you are some kind of ancient evil that could easily destroy an entire civilization and corny eats whole cities of living beings. What will you do when you get the opportunity to communicate with a pair of black flies that you eat?

Young woman and teenage girl, anxiously looking around, go through the strangely quiet streets of a small town. The town is dead. Of its inhabitants brutally killed, some disappeared without a trace. Who destroyed the Snowfield? Unknown illness? Poison gas? A gang of sadistic maniacs? Or there was some mysterious and terrible force, incomprehensible and deeply hostile to the man? About the struggle of honest and clean people with the epitome of World Evil, the final victory of human mind over the forces of darkness and chaos tells a fantastic Thriller D. koontz “Phantoms”. It should be noted that this book was first brought fame to the now famous writer.

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