myths-and-legends-of-ancient-greece-and-rome-e-m-berens1Antiquity is called the Golden age of mankind. And no wonder – this time had an extraordinary influence on the subsequent development of culture. But if works of art in architecture, sculpture and painting can be dated more or less accurately – something left, it can not be said about the literature provided by the myth-making, as it is not known when it first appeared or that the legend or legend – myths passed down from generation to generation by singers-narrators, and were not recorded in writing.

So what you will read in the pages of this book is the fruit of the labor of one or two generations, these myths were polished over the centuries. This edition includes the Greek myths, classic and postclassic periods. Their main themes – establishing the rule of the Olympian gods, the fight between heroes and monsters, global disasters, wars, etc.

Roman mythology, in fact, grew out of Greek, presented the following: the emergence of the Roman state, the so-called “time of kings” and the early Republic.

The book will take a lot of pleasure to fans of ancient history and folklore.

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