an-occurrence-at-owl-creek-bridge-by-ambrose-bierceUnited States of the Civil war era. Clash of the industrial North and the slave South. The collision of innovation and tradition. The activities of provocateurs and spies. What happened with the Peyton Vaqueros is a typical story of a military chronicle, with detailed descriptions.

Characteristics of the hero. Seemingly, the elaboration of an image can be a speech? But just a few strokes create a viable way: a wealthy man, the soul cares for the cause of southerners, kind, noble, brave but somewhat naive. Before the reader a living person with their own story, not a cardboard silhouette.

The fast-paced story centered on the chase in the best tradition of action-fighters. Lots of action, tense and, as a consequence of sincere experiences of the hero. – An unexpected ending. Not going to comment on it, I will say one thing – a resounding, turning everything on the head ending it.

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