second-variety-by-phillip-dickVery short story by Philip K. Dick, is dedicated to one of the possible Apocalypse of humanity – death from the hands of the machines. It all began prosaically – a brutal war between America and Asia has led to the development by the Americans of a special kind robots, whose task was killing enemies. All the metal from the attack of the reapers has been protected by a charm bracelet with a weak radioactive radiation.

Gradually, the robots became more and more skilled, and underground factories that supplied them, switched to self that did not require human intervention. Methods of extermination over time, becoming more complex and sophisticated. And one day, a Model.

Special, unlike anything else, robots whose effectiveness has been coolly calculated based on the emotional characteristics of the human race. Perfect hunter. Patient, flexible and invincible. The sunset of humankind is closer than you think…

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