appetites-by-anthony-bourdainAnthony Bourdain is a famous person in the modern world of food and cooking. And he has his own view on many things. He began a successful series on CNN, in which he traveled around the world and talked about the dishes of different cultures.

Appetites is his first book in ten years, and there assembled all his experience of professional cooking! Yes, this is a fairly large cookbook, it contains his most favorite recipes. Anthony Bourdain is known eventually as the “bad boy” in the world of cooking.

He used to travel around 150-200 days a year, but now he enjoys a quiet family life at home. At the same time, he still knows how to make an unusual and tasty dish of the most simple products on the planet Earth. The book appetites – this is the perfect cookbook for fans of fast and delicious recipes.

At the same time, the book includes the personal preferences of the author, notes of his life and travels, which will allow you to impress your family and guests. Anthony Bourdain knows how to cook delicious meals.


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