The Man Who Was Thursday by Gilbert Keith ChestertonThe novel contains a philosophical component, clothed in a surreal cover art of the absurd. Until the end you don’t know what the author drives the plot. The scales sway in the direction of success of the supporters of order (police) to the side of the preachers of anarchy (dinamitchiki). Highlights the developments in the first person – the Saeima, one of the police officers involved with the gang. His task by any means available to counteract the subversive activities of anarchists. Playing a cunning combination of the hero is introduced to the very top of the gang and gets the title of Thursday. The head of the organization is Sunday, brain and charismatic leader.

The rest of the bandits talilban the remaining days of the week. Syme incredibly proud of their mission and at the same time afraid of it. He was one against him as much as 6 hardened anarchists. However, it is not so simple as it looks at first glance, not all inveterate anarchists really what you seem. The plot of the novel can be best summarized in one sentence: the Cat who hunts for his tail. The characters and their missions are portrayed moderately witty, and sometimes even caricatured. At the same time, in his nuclear cocktail Chesterton mixes religious metaphors, for a reason anarchic names of the main characters reproduce seven days of the week.

Despite the fact that you can predict the ending in advance, pochityvaya this curious pun is fun and unobtrusive, leaving you with the feeling that the head has settled a couple of interesting questions for consideration. And most importantly, definitely want to read more reviews for the novel, and moreover more and criticism. In order not to miss a single entertaining allusion.

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