The Jack Raymond by Ethel Lilian VoynichThe Jack Raymond by Ethel Lilian Voynich

Molly and Jack live in a small town with their uncle, vicar Raymond, and his wife Sarah. Jack is considered hopelessly flawed, but not only because he masterfully trades stealing apples: he is very similar to his mother, and she was a whore.


What else can you expect from her son? Molly’s different. Pretty and submissive. Hope does not lose only the vicar, a stick, a whip fanatically driving in Jack’s virtue and getting from this heavenly pleasure.

When the secret Affairs of teenagers are opened, all unanimously decide: Jack is guilty of everything, – and the childhood comes to an end. The novel is quite small, can be read literally during one evening and turned inside out. Only from books Voynich reader is experiencing so the rich spectrum of emotions.

Only the fate of her characters can touch anyone to tears – though not from affection – for them really worried. And this is achieved not by violent, bloody scenes, but by a good psychological study of the characters.

Jack’s life is not a string of sad events, as it may seem. He was still lucky to meet a man who loved and cared for him, even if not for long. He was able to see the beauty of this world, get the profession he dreamed of. This book is not about the endless suffering of the protagonist. It is about a sense of hopelessness, insecurity and the desire to be loved; about freedom and its borders; about unbending will; about the prejudices of society and its labels; about the grievances of childhood that remain for life.

It is about a person who has longed for justice all his life, in fact, does not exist, and suffered from it. It’s about how we don’t always get what we deserve or what we’ve been going for. Yes, the final is not very optimistic, but life. And this is more important than”they lived happily ever after.”


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