The Gadfly by Ethel Lilian VoynichThe Gadfly by Ethel Lilian Voynich – free ebook download

For the first time in a very long time, the Reader does not know what grade to put the book to the last pages. The theme of religion, which was mercilessly exploited by the author, is always perceived by many ambiguously.

Perhaps this even played a role that someone else’s religion itself is but little understood. In General, all the moments associated with faith or atheism passed in the book past the reader’s perception, and at times were even nasty.


The main character, Arthur, at the beginning of the book appears to the readers of a teenager who lost his mother and idealizing his mentor in the Church school. But beyond that, he got involved in dangerous, anti-government games for freedom and equality of all people.

The moment comes when several circumstances bring the situation to the “boiling point”, and then Arthur decides to take a desperate step to throw everything and escape. For the reader it was not clear how you can admire most of the actions of the protagonist, because most of them were the result of a foolish act of youth, committed against the background of teenage maximalism. And then all his life he remembered the grievances and lived under the yoke of anger, which he held many years ago. And, even understanding the absurdity of his conduct, he could not forgive and take a step to meet those whom he loved. And then it was too late.

You say, ” Why did you rate the book so highly? After all, touched the last conversation with Arthur Montanelli, their sincere emotions. Plus a couple more short conversations with Gemma, which were also more real in the midst of this chaos and absurdity.” – all right, but the reader is a complicated thing.


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