Spook Street by Mick HerronSpook Street by Mick Herron – Free eBOOKS Download

Grandpa’s River Cartwright is a former operative of the special services. His grandfather worked during the Cold War, had a lot of experience and encouragement from management.

However, a few years ago, grandpa began to experience memory problems and was placed in a nursing home. River Cartwright was frequently visited grandpa, and with each visit I noticed that the memory of my grandfather is becoming worse and worse.

Once in the city centre, a bomb explodes taking the lives of many people. River Cartwright is concerned that his grandfather may have been somehow involved in this incident, and now he needs as soon as possible to find those responsible and to know the whole truth about your grandfather.

The book «Spook Street» will interest readers who love the Thrillers genre, as well as those readers who have already read the book «The List: A Novella» by Mick Herron.


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