The Orthodoxy by Gilbert Keith ChestertonTo be honest, I was afraid to read Chesterton. Went around a bush, a hundred risks associated with it. Partly because of the fear that his works are too abstruse and super-heavy for me. And partly because of the premonition that this is another philosophy of the search for truth. Again, the first impression was deceptive. I can not call this book easy reading, no. From the first lines you will realize that you have serious things in your hands.

I liked the presentation style. As if you are attending a lecture by a very interesting and talented teacher, who is also an unusual, sometimes funny, narrator (a rare combination). Here you will not find moral teachings, dogmas, excellent references to the research work of scholars and theologians. This is not a boring theological-philosophical treatise, and not a painstaking and, therefore, no less boring scientific work. All this is not in this book. It is rather a conversation. Yes exactly. Conversations about materialism, determinism, agnosticism, stoicism, pantheism … Together with Chesterton, the reader will look for evidence of Christian theses, abandon the “blind faith” and see the whole complexity, beauty and paradox of Christianity. Often among the Orthodox, you may find the view that Chesterton (like Lewis) is too “Catholic.”

I think this opinion is wrong. The apologetics of Chesterton, at least in this book, does not fit into the confessional structure (although there is a Catholic accent) – this is a common Christian. The subtle English humor and lively manner of presentation make this book very attractive for a leisurely, thoughtful reading. Read it in one breath, it will not work. We will have to stop and think about what was said by the author. For me, this book was a conversation with a genius apologist of Christianity. Somewhere I argued with him, I thought more often, less often I did not agree. After reading it became clear that for Chesterton Christianity is not a stupid minor religion, but a joyous “adventure novel.” Like good tea or wine, relaxing after a bright and long aftertaste. I like it.

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