The-Life-and-Adventures-of-Robinson-Crusoe-Daniel-DefoeBook «The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe» by Daniel Defoe for many is the first product of the transition from childhood into a more conscious age, when the spirit of adventure is not just overflowing, and even causes many to make adventurous actions.

It is an irresistible desire to explore the world has led the main character, which was not even a welcome haven for him, but quite tolerable for many years. And fate did not turn away from it a handful of grain a few years later turned into a wheat field, caught a goat have become a source of milk and cheese, found wild grapes successfully replenish vitamin supply.

But most importantly, the infinite thirst for life and hard work have helped the hermit inevitably overcome many difficulties and hardships to endure loneliness. He never left the faith that someday his island moor the ship and take him home. With what tenacity he built housing, as a master of primitive utensils, and how after a hard day’s work re-reading an old Bible, which miraculously survived.

He believed that everything happened to him is not that other, as a punishment for disobedience, because he acted contrary to the will of his father, ran away from home and humbly repented of this. For that fate gave him the first dog as his only friend, and then there was a native Friday. With what zeal Susana tried to teach poor savage righteous commandments and pure soul Friday absorbed like a sponge every lesson, every lecture.

Re-reading the book in a more mature age, you begin to realize how many opportunities we are missing many good people pass by, and how thoughtlessly we spend the allotted time for us. Just getting into the extreme conditions we discover a previously unknown strength and knowledge, and that not everyone is given. The product can be confidently called a lifeline for those who are confused in this life, and lost his faith – never forget that person if you want to be able to overcome any hardship.

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