Memoirs of Fanny Hill by John ClelandFor the 18th century scandalous novel «Fanny Hill. Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure» (today few people are surprised) John Cleland made a very real storm. Fanny Hill left the province and moved to London, England to conquer the capital. Here are the ways of God (or the devil’s machinations) inscrutable. Conquering Fanny brothel …

Everyday life of prostitutes, including our young heroine, the author describes in detail. I did not expect this from the literature of the 18th century. Time Marquis de Sade’s work has not come yet)

The narration is conducted on behalf of itself Fanny, who in two letters to her «Madame» (she herself calls his memoir «Confessions of a courtesan») describes a vicious way of a prostitute whose profession did not stop to find his love.

I do not know whether to advise the novel to the modern reader. There are some points that are relevant for our time. But history, which tells Fanny Hill I seem monotonous: it is often repeated, catch the wind …

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