The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg epub/pdfThe book «The Power of Habit» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Charles Duhigg. The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times called “The Power of Habit” is one of the best books of 2012. Ratings amazon going through the roof. Who wouldn’t be interested in reading about habits? Who does not want to change themselves for the better, starting small? Anyone not interested in theories about the human brain?

Charles Duhigg describes how that works in my mind, why, starting to make the bed, we can fundamentally change for the better and as work habits, patterns of behavior.

The last idea is the basis of the book. The idea can be described by 3 words, however, Charles Duhigg manages to stretch the story for almost 300 pages. Why is a rhetorical question. The book “The Power of Habit” like almost all new books on self-help and similar subjects, 10% useful information and 90% of water and explanations of useful information. Tearful stories of people overcoming different kinds of addictions, spread out over several chapters, tiring.

Review “The Power of Habit”

trigger-routine-reward. This is what is habit. The trigger causes a situation (I want to chat, tired of sitting at the computer), the routine is the action itself – got up and went to have coffee and rolls together with colleagues, promotion – communicated with colleagues, socialization and a break from work, the habit received nourishment. Throw out the routine bread and lose weight by X pounds. Win!

A similar approach Charles Duhigg professes to almost all situations. There are a couple of interesting places about will power and marketing research, as one major U.S. company has determined which of its shoppers is pregnant and at what time. But the intrigue ends and the water begins.