Persuasion-by-Jane-Austin«Persuasion» – one of the last works of the incomparable Jane Austen, published after the author’s death. And, as befits a late literary children, it is very balanced, calm and stately. All the best absorbed «arguments»: ironic notes about today’s society, it is very thin and somewhat exaggerated marking all of its shortcomings; deep psychological underpinnings and the overall development of the characters; emotional feelings and sensual soul.

The plot is very simple, very trivial at first glance. There rapidly the impoverished, but still very proud family of Baron Eliot. He has two daughters, one of whom – Anne – a charming establishment in the best traditions of Austin can not but arouse the reader the most beautiful and tender feelings.

A good, balanced and just a little insecure. Ann in his youth was a beloved man, and would have been happy-end, whether he is a wealthy man. But alas. Frederick does not meet the needs of families Eliot and its immediate environment, so a pair of lovers parted heart for eight years. Can love to pass a test of time? And is it necessary?

In truth, this is a great book! She’s taught to remember the voice of reason, but do not forget about the feelings and the hope and faith and love, instructive explaining that never too late dip in the pool with his head and use a second chance. And what are all the many monologues Anne, her growing stages, the analysis of his own actions and conclusions built on it.

How sad when you realize that he had acted wrongly, but if there is no turning back. At such moments, the most important thing – not to lose faith. The lover, in life and in yourself. A wonderful book. That’s just what-if very long and somewhat painful to read in the original impact, then, whether the best is not still brilliant, but book me tired by the middle. I finish only from a sense of duty, and practice in reading in English was excellent.

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