The-Iliad-homerEpic poem of the ancient Greek poet begins his story among the vast throng of ships and troops and the great strife between the great gods on Mount Olympus great.

It is taking place for the ninth year, trailing a long war between the Greeks and the Trojans out of love and warm feelings of the young prince of Troy, Paris to the blonde Helena, which results in his time many Greek kings and warriors into a real rage and becomes an occasion invasion whole hordes of space and breadth of rich gifts and treasures of the country wise king Priam.

A cruel and greedy Greek Agamemnon allegedly trying to defend the honor of his brother, but in actual fact it attracts only the city and prisoners.

However, the whole splits occur between the characters in the camp of the Greeks, and huge troops killed their soldiers under the strong walls of Troy, and there is no agreement between the immortal gods on Mount Olympus, which all place bets on those or other forces. They play many people and lives like puppets and act up sometimes as little children.

Not far behind them and the people, sometimes showing such qualities as nasty resentment, greed, vanity and pride. At the same time, these properties of the characters overlap bravery and courage of the Trojans, whose sons die for their homeland and their homeland. Tsarevich Hector afraid to meet on the battlefield many of the Achaeans, which gives it a special and unique look brave and skilled warrior.

There are strong characters and on the side of the Greeks, but among them there is no shadow consent. The battle and skirmish – a common occurrence among the characters, the king is offended by the king, is blown onto one another due to take away his production and wealth. When it comes to bloody Sech and minds of the soldiers tremble before the horrors of death and chaos, the chiefs is incredible actions and create brilliant solutions. What at the time of the Battle of the ships, which at the time of passionate speeches, their desire to move faster to achieve the goal and the winner swim away to his home.

Of course, not all of them come back, and it becomes clear that the Lycians Sarpedon battling each spear of Achilles Patroclus, tying around him a whole army of evil Trojans and their allies. The fight is terrible, falling bodies and heads fly wild characters in the dusty ground. In addition to the fighting and killings in the poem remains to friendship and love in a home environment. But the atmosphere of constant tension can not help but leave them the impression of sadness and grief. The wife expects her husband in an accident alone, and the father looks at his son with a sense of the inevitable grief from him.

The instigator of all the troubles are not paid as much attention, but without them everything falls into place: the enemies are trying to break someone’s life, and the family can only give cries for help, and sometimes heartless bloodthirsty deities.

The poem is filled with a little bit of frustration, and it would have been very sad if the author has not diluted its history of peaceful and tranquil life. Homer creates two thousand years ago, a shocking picture of peace and war, evil plexus with good and quite the contrary. If you remove the book from some naive space and endless machinations of the Greek gods, this poem is more than can be displayed, and events of our time. It is urgent for the past so many centuries and totally outdated, that helps it to win new readers hearts and immerse them in the world of antiquity.

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