The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula HawkinsThe girl on the train is a disturbing Thriller in which nobody can be trusted, including the three female narrators, that tell us the story. An alcoholic, a liar and a crook, who would you trust? These images become the key to the books, three women: Rachel, Anna and Megan. Rachel. She’s the girl on the train, who renounced a life of its own and began to imagine the lives of others. Her loneliness appears to be increasing the imagination, which thus becomes the core of the plot.

It creates a perfect couple “Jess and Jason” living outside the train stops every day near their home. But one morning, Rachel sees something that completely destroys the image that exists in her head. The perfect couple is not so perfect as it seems initially. What surprises me most in the book is the lack of a dark comic tone, which was very common in other books I’ve read in this genre.

This exception makes the book more realistic, dark and sinister. Finally, I couldn’t help but notice that the book is deep in meaning and I hope that the goal that he wants to convey to us the author, will reach the intended audience.

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