The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum

The famous fairy tale by American writer L. Frank Baum, written at the beginning of the last century, and today is very popular among children. Because today, like many decades ago, children interested in a book full of amazing and incredible events, the book in which they live good and evil wizards, talking animals, fantastic creatures …

Together with the girl Dorothy and her little dog Toto faithful young reader will go to the magical land of Oz. He is waiting for a fascinating journey, an acquaintance with good man Scarecrow, Tin Woodman noble, the Cowardly Lion and the exciting, sometimes dangerous adventures.

Wonders of The Wizard of Oz – this is not magic wands and flying carpet … It refers to the possibility of personal transformation on its own.

It should be braver, smarter, healthier – Baum constantly gives to the heroes of difficult situations in order for them to work on themselves and changed for the better, and the wizard of Oz, his magic will fix what actually has been achieved by them. That is, he simply declares what happened.

Baum, by the way, was born in a large family. Doctors predicted that he would die in the first three years of life, four children died in his family. But a miracle happened and he, in spite of congenital heart disease, survived. Especially wonderful father made a fortune quickly.

Books Bouma and glorified him, and of course his family forever. Books Baum any of the tales invented by them for their children. Now the tale know children around the world – is, so to speak, iconic history, by which released a lot of toys and gifts.

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